Each project has its own uniqueness, just like the people occupying the space. Engaging an Interior Designer for your home, work-space or vacation place needs to be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

My intention in being 100% transparent about how I structure my fees for the work that I will be doing for you is to ensure that you will feel confident hiring JAGOD DESIGNS and excited about the results for years to come. To get a sense of project costs, below is a primer on fees.


1. Discovery Call: Let’s see if we are a match. 15 minutes complimentary chat. 

2. Video Conference Call: Flat Fee: $125 for up to an hour. 

3. Home Visit: $195/hr.

4. Pick My Brain: We meet for coffee (or rosé!) and I’ll be your sounding board to hear your ideas and offer my advise          as long as needed. $125 for up to an hour.

5. The Big SWIRL: $500 and up. I come to you on site and work with your existing world and make things tidy, fresh            and edited!


1. Master bathroom: $2500 + technical drawing time.

2. Kitchen: $3500 + technical drawing time.

3. Powder Room: $1500 + technical drawing time.

4. Living room, dining room, bedrooms, family room: $1500 per room + technical drawing time.


Administrative work: $45/hr.

Commute time: $40/hr.

Technical Drawings: $50/hr.

Mark-up on wholesale purchases made for  YOU the client from my to-the-trade only vendors: 35%. 

Mark-up on labor resources: 15%.

PAYMENT information

Designs fees are payable upfront for all jobs of 4 hours or less. For all projects that require over 4 hours of design time, a design fee payment schedule will be mutually agreed upon. When required, a contract between JAGOD DESIGNS and the client(s) will be available for review before signing.

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